Today marks my fifth year of blogging on the WordPress platform. I still recall the hesitation – and anxiety – I felt when I first started to toy with the idea of creating a blog.

What would I write about? Did I have anything to say? If I threw this party, would anyone come?

While I’ve grown my reader base over the years, my numbers and stats are hardly phenomenal. But that doesn’t matter to me in the least. I’ve met some wonderfully talented and witty folks along the way and discovered incredible artists, writers, poets and photographers from all over the world. For me, that is reward enough.

Thank you to all who follow A Sawyer’s Daughter, who comment and like and continue to inspire me every time I open my Reader to see what others are up to.

Here are some of my favorite posts from the past year. As always, THANK YOU for looking!!

Broken croquet mallet,
spider-webbed, smothered in ancient dust,
grimy to the touch.

Great-aunt Belle’s favorite doll,
its left arm mysteriously AWOL.

Cousin Will’s six-gun, walnut-grain
plastic molded grip
cracked and splintered.

Allen wrenches and pipe-sockets
covered with raggedy newsprint

from five decades past,
yellowed, chewed through by mice
industrious creatures engineering

downy nests layered
with the headlines of the day —

Alderman Convicted of Embezzlement.
St. Ignatius Fundraiser a Grand Success.
Help Wanted: Detasslers and Bean Walkers. Good Money!

Shy skeletons never cross
busy highways come midnight
with the prospect of corn mush
for breakfast,
soft-boiled eggs
neatly tucked inside
crisp linen napkins,
finely pressed
with razor-thin creases —
no kitchen messes,
no slop to mop up,
no vittles to fetch
or firewood to stack
in the far reaches
of bitter cold corners
of widowed shelters
run haphazard
and crosswise
every blasted December.

Eerie lights
shine in
many a mysterious
regardless of your philosophy
or take on life.

And that’s a fact.