Red sun shines dimly on the figure eight of your paratrooper heart.

Orange disc-shaped diamonds sparkle amid your camouflaged Thoughts of Rage.

“A twist, please. And a strawberry cone for my friend here.”

Wander, wander. Speak your truth.

Sing of pomegranates for peace.

Prior to Tuesday’s midterm elections, I was skating on a rink of despair. So much hate, so many lies, so much outright cruelty, especially in the wake of the Paul Pelosi attack. What was this country coming to? My sister-in-law and I half-joked about moving to Portugal if that despicable, orange waste of oxygen were to get himself re-elected back in 2020.

Thankfully, that was not the case. However, the election denialism, the vitriol, the conspiracy theories, the LIES, that led to the horrific, mind-numbing, gut-punching insurrection on January 6th, 2021 and everything that’s followed since then has brought our nation to a very dark place.

And then came Tuesday, November 8th. As of this writing, it is still unclear who will control Congress. I’m paying close attention and hoping the Democrats will prevail, at least in the Senate. Regardless, though, I’m heartened by the turnout – Yay, young people! Props to you!! – and the commitment to all those who voted to help keep our democracy rather than letting those who care ONLY for power to prevail. Hatred, divisiveness and untruths did not get the upper hand on Tuesday. Rational, saner voices demanded to be heard, and they were. Red wave? Not so much. Not. So. Much!!

Country: I am grateful. This is a moment brought to us courtesy of those who care more about the future of our country, of these United States of America not spiraling into the autocratic, pathetically misguided whims of those who care nothing about the people (not really, despite what comes out of their lying mouths). I’m feeling a TON of gratitude for those who cherish the rights of women to make their own decisions about their bodies, their personal lives, their futures, their families’ futures.

All said, despite what is yet to be decided, I remain hopeful.

I like things just so—

Hand towel hung from the oven door

Butter tub labels facing forward

Soap in its dish, centered & square

Beds made first thing each morning.

But my interactions with others,

These could use some tidying up

Some straightening out

Some realignment.

Where – how! — to begin?

Objects, so much easier to manage

Than people…

you might be a bit

anal-retentive, she said.

i shrug it off.  so what

if I hang my underwear

out to dry            alternating

the whites & the creams,

the blacks & the shades

                of red, orange, the whisper of pink.

can’t an old gal

still mix things up

every once in awhile?

I woke to a flash of lightning this morning. Then another. And yet again, one more. At long last, rain had come! Sorely needed, too, as we’ve been in a bit of a drought for the past several weeks. And did I mention the rumbles of thunder? Oh, but I love me a good thunderstorm!!

Days like this are to be savored. We’ve had a fabulous fall here in the Midwest. The weather has been nothing short of spectacular. The mild, sunny days have allowed my husband to continue work on the new deck we’ve been building all summer. The rails are almost finished and attaching the fascia to the rim board will be the final piece. However, we’d hoped that the rest of the fascia we ordered would have arrived by now and so we wait, hamstrung by delayed deliveries and now the rain. No matter. The time off allows Bill to recuperate from the physical demands of working on the deck, and that’s a good thing too.

As for me, I plan to return to a couple of quilting projects in the works – and there’s always poetry to write and books to be read!

So, let it rain. I’ll savor every luscious, restorative drop!