My poem, To See with Thine Own Eyes, appears on page 26 of the just published 2022 Hallowzine Issue 3 edition, hot off the (on-line) presses!

Here is the link to the PDF which you can download for free.

It’s a funky little journal and I’m pleased to have been a contributor.  I think it’s a perfect way to cap off what’s been a very terrific day.  No complaints about autumn this year.  It’s been glorious!

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and as always, THANK YOU for looking!

the whale in the spaceship

crouches like a mule

translucent as all get out —


but soon he, she, it will

blossom like so many magnolias

come spring, orange & pink

a sprightly Ulysses on Mars

zipped tight, preening—

a vagabond warrior

in the cosmos

heat envelops

and wounds the world

skyscrapers scrape away

orange-blue clouds

iceberg tips revealing so little

                there isn’t much more to convey…

fires and flares,

omens from the sun

a shrinking planet

cries out No More!

It’s high noon in the not-so-OK corral.

Horses are getting weary, spooked.

Tumbleweeds and split rail fences

embroidery the western landscape.

I feel my heart tugging away

at the barb of wire coiled around

a scroll of Naugahyde peeking out

from a prairie schooner wagon

as the mule team chomps

at their bits, pawing at the red

Texas clay, keen on striking out,

Oregon-bound, eager for

a little Pacific redemption.

Yellow elephant

How odd you appear

In the light of a harvest moon

Baggie shorts, neon sneakers

Crown of dandelions

Encircling your big, fat,

beautiful head.

No matter!

I love you regardless—

Where else could I find

So warm & loving an embrace?