So. I thought this was a cool image but until this moment, had not really given much thought to the sign over the door, silhouetted here in this photo taken at dusk. This is the sign announcing the presence of the Iowa Distilling Company, the existence of which I was totally unaware.

Cumming is a teeny, tiny Iowa town near the Des Moines metro and its local claim to fame – for the bicycling crowd, anyway – is that it sports a parking lot / trailhead for the Great Western Trail. Oh, and it’s home as well to the Cumming Tap, a small bar that caters to area bicyclists.

At one point, Cumming – considered one of the smallest incorporated suburbs of the metro area – was apparently more of a bustling metropolis with the likes of other local businesses such as Sweeney’s Shamrock Oil service station but apparently those days are behind her…


…but this tiny burg sure packs a photo op wallop!


I don’t much indulge in hard liquor, the apparent mainstay of the Iowa Distilling Company – not much of a drinker, period – but I do think it’s kind of cool, all things considered, that such a small town (population: 383) would have so much to offer.

Bear with me as I have little (to no) experience shooting B&W photos but I’ve been nominated by to post a black and white photo each day for the next five days.  As part of the process, I need to nominate someone else to ‘play’.  So for my first go-round, I would like to nominate to join me in this endeavor.

Here’s my first offering…