Travel is often a delight because you just never know what you’ll discover along the way. That was certainly the case on a recent weekend getaway where my husband and I enjoyed the colorful fall scenery in a sleepy little town in southern Minnesota which is propped up along the wonderfully scenic Root River Bike Trail. Snugly located, just so, beneath a Christmas-inspiring evergreen tree between two old storefronts in downtown Lanesboro you’ll find the Spud Boy’s Diner. The owner, crazy in love with both the diner and his wife, will regale you with the history and romance of his acquaintanceship with the diner-on-wheels restaurant business – and he’ll sport a broad smile on his face in the telling!

A trip to Lanesboro AND a breakfast stop at the diner (open at 6:00 AM): Both are highly recommended. The owners were fun to talk to, the food was great, the prices were very reasonable, and the gleaming woodwork alone – on both the walls and the ceiling – is worth the visit. You won’t stumble across one of these gems very often. Truly, a fine specimen of Americana.

Oh. And check out the car the owners drive as well. She’s a beaut!