I don’t know how old the church is that houses this dome-shaped steeple with its arched portals and peeling paint (and questionable status as candidate for a new facelift anytime soon). But I can tell you that the cemetery adjacent to the North River Community Church, a fun discovery one early evening as we were driving along isolated country roads, was dotted with many old tombstones with birth dates and death dates in the late 1700’s and mid to late 1800’s, respectively.

It was unclear as to whether the church is still in use. We may have to check it out some Sunday morning to observe the comings and goings to this grand old specimen, situated on a beautiful winding gravel road with corn fields stretching out as far as the eye can see.

An oldie but a goodie!

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Older Than 50 Years



Dusk was about an hour away and I hadn’t yet taken any photos for my daily Project 365 initiative. We’d been out of town the last two days and we were exhausted by the time we finally returned home earlier this evening. After emptying the dishwasher and tending to laundry, I sat a spell and played with my camera. Because there was still adequate light for a bit of a ‘hunting’ expedition, husband and I decided to see what we could see as we headed toward country roads not yet traveled – always my favorite way to explore new photo ops!

After a few shots of farm sheds, crooked mailboxes and ditch weeds, we stumbled upon an old church and cemetery. More photos to follow later but I was especially pleased with this skyward shot grounded by the entry to the church grounds. We’ll definitely return and next time we’ll pack up the DSLR and our tripod and try to allow for more evening daylight so we have adequate time to play and explore!

This little outing made my day. Don’t ever call me high maintenance. You can forget fancy cars, jewelry and nights on the town. THIS is my idea of great fun!