shE riDeS tHe BuLL

wItH dEft aPLoMb

hEaViNg leFt To rIGhT

nO wAyWaRD fAkEs

No hiDdEn sLIGhTs

nO dUcKs, nO bObS

hErs iS tHe will

tO eNdUrE tHe fight

tHeIR bArBS mIGht RanKLe


shE cArRiES oN

LEaNiNg in tO wHaT

sHe kNoWs iS rIgHt

Yellow elephant

How odd you appear

In the light of a harvest moon

Baggie shorts, neon sneakers

Crown of dandelions

Encircling your big, fat,

beautiful head.

No matter!

I love you regardless—

Where else could I find

So warm & loving an embrace?

there’s the under, the over

the hot, the wet, the cold, the dry

savory counters sweet

joy rises to blanche all grief

inner pushes away the outer

bottom supports the top

flop undoes the flip

GO defies the STOP

beetles scuttle through fallen oak leaves

meadow mouse weaves a nest of grass

flicker of wavering candlelight

a dozen or more flames dance & sputter

in the cool October mist

ivy-laden downspouts outline

an ancient crypt beneath a Hunter’s moon

its barred entrance faintly luminescent,

a teasing come-hither to what awaits inside

indecipherable headstones tilt at odd angles

footpaths littered with arboreal debris

chipmunks scamper among the graves

searching, perhaps, for long-lost kin

goes unnoticed / i take it all in / with gratitude & joy // reciprocation is my thing / when others fail to likewise respond / (sadly, more often than not) / i cannot help it / it drains me // i’ll seek out my own warmth & validation / burrowing in the comfort of my own embrace

sugar’s hitting me just fine

caloric intake, fats & carbohydrates

glucose, fructose, the entire gang

pastry cart with a chocolate chaser

i’m none the worse for wear