This summer I participated for the first time in POPO 2020, the August Poetry Postcard Festival. When you sign up, your name is added to a list of thirty-one others. Due to COVID-19, the festival began earlier than usual this year but the premise of the activity is to send a postcard to each person on the list by the end of August. The idea of which is to just sit down – on the fly! – and compose a poem for the recipient. And, to further challenge one’s artistic bent, use whatever means to communicate your poetic message (or not!) by decorating the other side of the postcard. You are also free to use any kind of postcard such as those to highlight the community or area you live in. You can use an already ‘decorated’ card if you prefer not to flex any artistic muscles of your own. Anything pretty much goes!

Here is a showcasing of some of the cards I decorated. Um, as for the poems — well, let’s just say maybe some other time! But the gist of the exercise, to get us to let our thoughts FLOW on paper, was enjoyable and time well spent. I’ve sent all my cards out and I must admit to having a few withdrawal pains! It was fun. I photographed every card and poem I sent and will let those verses marinade a bit. Later, I’ll see if I can’t just do a little bit more with them!!

If anyone is interested in participating in next year’s Festival, here’s a couple links with more information. Registration for POPO 2021 begins September 1st! You can also search for them on Facebook.

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