The work day done, I sat outside in the shade of the our covered entry, relaxed and unhurried, reading a new book on my Kindle and admiring the purple coneflowers that line the walkway to our front door. The sun was bright and shiny and a slight breeze ran through all things green and growing from my vantage point. Despite being early July, the air was crisp, like a beautiful fall afternoon, and the temperatures were mild. In short, it was a lovely day.

I’d just taken a break from my reading and felt a sudden calm, a sense of peace. No thoughts or mind-speak roiling through my brain, no nagging guilt over undone chores or anxious speculation of things yet to come. It felt nice. I smiled. Similar moments of unruffled idyll have caught me – pleasantly – unaware these last few weeks.

What is the opposite of omen? Is there such a thing? A harbinger of some sort for happiness? For whatever it is, I’m pondering the possibility of an unbidden premonition of a newfound attainment of peace of mind. An awareness of what is, what isn’t, what won’t or can’t be and what just might come my way. And finding myself at ease – for today! – reveling in this delightful sense of serenity.

May that it lasts and may that it be true.