Ah, life is good.

Beautiful fall weather, that incredible light late in the day, reconnecting with family and friends, reading the Sunday paper in the morning with a yummy cup of Starbucks cheer (husband sitting across the table from me, unaware that I occasionally steal a glance his way, thinking to myself ‘God, he’s handsome’), the satisfaction of lazing away the afternoon – never mind that there are chores that need done, snatching glimpses of football games in progress (with Bill ever vigilantly monitoring the status of our Fantasy Football teams) and a belly not-too-uncomfortably full from a late lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant where the owners know our order and quite frequently deliver it to our table, unbidden, with nary a word passing between us and the waiter.

While Monday morning and a full week’s work looms just over the horizon, for now, we are content. Still madly in love, happily enshrouded in our own little ‘La-La Land’, ours is a marriage that continues to work, to soar, to flourish, to thrive. Life is good and I’m over the moon to be spending it with this thoughtful, wonderful man, my partner, my husband, my friend. Yes, life is good.