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  1. Sensory overload. This is a wonderful photo and perfect for the challenge. There is more of something everywhere in the frame and the color behind the grille work really ties it all together for me. Thanks for posting this image.

    • Thanks Allan. I fished this out of my trusty Go To folder from our visit to the City Museum in St. Louis last year. It’s an amazing place to visit. Kids love it and THIS kid was no exception! You can climb and slide and crawl throughout the entire 5-6 story structure. Lots of fun and interesting things to look at — and photograph! Highly, HIGHLY recommended!

    • Well, that’s an interesting perspective! Thank you. It’s a photo I forgot I’d taken from our visit to the City Museum in St. Louis. It translates much better when viewed in a larger frame than the thumbnails on my computer or even the small slide show. That’s what I get for working on a small laptop!

      Thank you for your comment. Appreciate it! 🙂

    • Thanks, Barbara. I was pleasantly surprised to re-discover this in my photo folder of our trip to St. Louis last March. Isn’t that great — almost like Christmas!!

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